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Theater Seating 101
Theater Seating 101

From the AEG cinema design philosophy, there is no single element that takes precedence over another in the creation of a luxury cinema. It is the understanding of every element's individual role as well as how it contributes to the overall performance of the larger system which makes our cinema rooms so exquisite.

Assuming our ultimate objective is to provide our customers with the greatest level of immersive escapism possible, it should go without saying that the physical comfort of that experience will be all but completely dictated by the seating in the room. Through our years of experience, we firmly believe that high-quality seating can greatly improve an otherwise average room (not built by AEG!), and that luxurious seating should be the only consideration in a best-in-class cinema.

That the consumer, design and architectural communities et al had not previously had a destination where they could view and experience a wide selection of luxury theater seating was the single greatest motivation for us to take our brand to theMART and fill a tremendous void in the marketplace. The 14th floor of theMART is a true palace for many of the world's truly finest luxury furniture brands, and our offering of the very finest, pure custom theater seating is a perfect fit.

Durability/Build Quality

When designing your magnificent cinema, choosing quality seating is an investment that will serve you well for many years to come. Inevitably there will be certain elements of the electronics side of a cinema that will evolve and change, but we know that specifying high-quality, well-built seating is something that will have an immense lifespan to it. Enjoy it today, enjoy it tomorrow, and enjoy it for years to come.

A quick search of the internet shows that there are many, many manufacturers who make "some form" of a motorized incliner. In our opinion, the vast majority of these options are anything but a representation of what we would consider to be best-in-class products for this category. That people would buy a theater seat on the internet is an invitation to disappointment.

Because we believe that quality theater seating is every bit as vital to the optimal cinematic experience as mesmerizing video and thunderous audio, we think it's an easy "connect the dots" to partner with seating manufacturers whose primary if not sole business is dedicated to quality theater seating and theater seating only.

The most frequently heard comment from visitors to our showroom is "we wish we had purchased better seats." When we present our product, the conversation begins with build quality.

Lasting Comfort

Thanks to content providers like Netflix, "binge watching" has become one of the all-time great guilty pleasures for our culture. The notion of "waiting until next week" to see the next episode of your favorite series is now a thing of the past. Here in the upper Midwest, where we can go weeks-on-end without seeing the sun during our long winters, binge watching has become a wonderful form of escapism, and AEG is in the escapism business.

To say that a high degree of comfort should be an expected requirement for a best in class theater seat seems like understatement. Just as durability is an extension of build quality, so too is comfort. A quality theater seat uses a much firmer density foam than any other form of furniture. Whether it's watching a feature-length-film or enjoying a highly unproductive but super fun binge-watching session, you're talking about spending at least two hours in your chair, (if not a lot more!), and a "too-soft-chair" will make you squirm more than a scary movie.

There are numerous other design elements which make a quality theater chair ultra-comfortable. Precision, butter-smooth motorization; sumptuous leathers; and a high level of seat and headrest adjustability all work together for a fabulously comfortable seating experience.

Style Options and Customization

While "any color you want, as long as it's black" might have been fine for the Model T, we believe that sentiment comes up a little short when it comes to best-in-class theater seating.

In partnering with Cinema Tech and Fortress Seating, we know that we are offering our customers the very best quality and widest overall selection of styles in the category of luxury theater seating. Given the opportunity, we are confident that we can satisfy the theater seating needs for the most discerning homeowner or designer.

Both manufacturers give us the ability to do an extensive amount of customization with their product, and we encourage our customers to add design elements to their chairs which add personalization and uniqueness to their cinema. These custom touches can be very subtle or stunningly bold, and AEG puts a tremendous effort into our design process, to help our customers create a look that is their own.

At the most creative end of the design process, we have the ability to create a chair that is a true bespoke, one-of-a-kind chair, for the customer who desires that level of exclusivity. In response to the design community's request for "a theater chair that doesn't look like a theater chair," we show the Speakeasy, our French Art Deco inspired chair, designed exclusively by Artisan Electronics Group and built for us by Fortress Seating.