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Build it like this
Build It Like This!

Crafting a true best-in-class Luxury Residential Cinema is one of the very coolest and enjoyable spaces a person can add to their home. For those of us charged with creating these spaces, these rooms present the opportunity to show the very finest interpretation of what the custom electronics industry represents. Given a truly clean sheet of paper, these projects are highly engineering intensive. In its finest form, these rooms become a spectacular melding of art and physics.

Everyone who is in the A-V business will tell you that they build something called a "home theater." At AEG, creating spectacular cinema rooms is the central focus of our enterprise, and we approach it with fervor and passion every day.

The starting point for these cinema rooms begins with an examination of the room itself. When properly designed, a best in class luxury residential cinema is actually a "room-within-a-room." We believe in working with empirically proven formulas, as relates to every inch of the space. "Guess work" and “gut feel” are not a part of the AEG cinema design approach.

Artisan Included

My name is Ken Walker. I am the Founder of Artisan Electronics Group. With considerable input and collaborative discussion with our core manufacturing partners, I design every detail of every cinema room AEG creates.

AEG is a boutique brand. Our sense of purpose is well defined. We believe that our comprehension of our niche and our ability to execute a vision places us as equals to the very best in our industry.

We don't "run crews," nor do we believe that doing so is in any way a measure of a practitioner's skills. We are a small team of passionate, dedicated and skilled electronics junkies.

Consistency and quality control are crucial to achieving the finished result to which we aspire, and to that end I am personally on-site during the entire process of creating the AEG luxury residential cinema "product."

People seem to like that!

A Few Words About Acoustics

In our opinion, engineering the acoustics properly in a dedicated cinema room is easily the most overlooked or poorly executed element in the design of a best-in-class cinema room.

When properly executed, the impact that well engineered acoustic treatment has on the overall performance of the room and surround system is nothing short of astounding. If there is one aspect of system design where we can predictably and substantially outperform even the very best commercial cinema, it is unquestionably what we do with sound. There are many elements involved in how we achieve this, as a function of speaker selection, speaker placement, amplification, and surround processor. We recommend and use best-in-class products in all of these interrelated categories, but even the absolute best electronics cannot demonstrate their optimal performance if the room has not been treated properly from an acoustic standpoint.

It's Complicated!

At AEG we embrace complexity and recognize its logical necessity as a part of the creation of the luxury residential cinema. Perfection does not happen by itself!

There are many layers of engineering which overlap and contribute to the overall performance, functionality and comfort of the room, in their own ways and collectively. Having a thorough understanding of optimal sight lines and the ability to manage sound waves are fundamentals of top end cinema design, but so too are the elements of acoustics, lighting, system control and comfort.

These rooms, when properly executed are all-but-always the singular coolest space in a home, and even more so when they are created by Artisan Electronics Group.