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AEG Mart Showroom Cinema
The Luxury Residential Cinema

If we take the spirit of the Cinematic Experience, as described so eloquently by some of the individuals who are its true creators, we believe the most central common theme is escapism. If one does a Google search for the word escapism, one of the first usage examples is "The movie is pure escapism."

To support our claim that AEG can design and build a Luxury Residential Cinema that not only artfully recreates the cinematic experience, but in fact substantially exceeds it was the driving force to take our brand to theMART, and build the spectacular demonstration cinema which we invite you to experience.

We're confident that in no more than 90 seconds we can deliver a demonstration that will completely reset your reference point for what can be done in a dedicated cinema space within a home. We can share images which show how elegant our room is, but the only way to fully appreciate the capabilities of this system is in person. A high-performance private cinema should be an all-out assault on your senses, with a giant, vivid image on the screen, supported by an all-encompassing immersive surround sound audio experience.

Not surprisingly, the most frequently heard comment following a demonstration is something to the effect of "I would never go out to the movies again if I had this in my home."

Properly Designed Cinema Room

In a properly designed cinema room, every inch of the space is taken into consideration. No detail is too small.

In its finest form, there is as much engineering in a room like this that you don't see as that which you do. The beautiful Waterfall Audio glass speakers at the front of the room are a part of the showroom's music system, and the 15 speakers which comprise the Dolby Atmos surround system are all completely concealed.

Best-In-Class Theater Seating

There are many ways in which we can build a private cinema which will greatly outperform even the finest commercial theater, none more so than our offering in best-in-class theater seating.

The term high-performance can certainly be applied to seating in every bit the same way that it can to the electronics side of a Luxury Residential Cinema. Our selection in this category is unmatched by any showroom in the country, and people come to us from every point on the compass to purchase our product.

ASID Illinois Design Excellence Award

Making the investment in a spectacular private cinema is no small undertaking. It could easily be the most expensive per-square-foot space in a luxury home.

Before making such an investment, a homeowner should have the opportunity to audition a state-of-the-art system. That a demonstration cinema of this caliber did not exist in the city of Chicago prior to opening our Mart showroom in 2017 seems unfathomable, which to AEG made it that much more important to do so.

We are proud to have been recognized for our innovation, winning First Place in the 2017 ASID Illinois Design Excellence Awards competition, in the category of Innovation.